Ever Strong Vinyl Decking

An Ever Strong DeckTM  makes a beautiful addition to any home, offering an attractive, low-maintenance deck that would make any homeowner proud, but the beauty of an Ever Strong DeckTM isn’t just what’s on top. The beauty also extends below it’s surface…thanks to Ever Strong DeckTM’s revolutionary water-shedding technology.

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Like Having Two Decks In OneEver Strong Deck
The heart of the Ever Strong DeckTM System is its interlocking design. This innovative system creates a water-shedding surface that prevents water from traveling below. Unlike other decking systems, Ever Strong DeckTM channels water to the sides of the deck, not through it. This unique water-shedding design helps keep the space below the deck dry, even on rainy days. Whether the homeowner wants to use it for storage or an additional entertainment area, the space below Ever Strong DeckTM is as usable as the space above it. It’s like having two decks in one. The Ever Strong DeckTM is not intended for roofing applications.

Vinyl Decking

As Strong As It Is Beautiful
In addition to keeping the below-deck space dry, Ever Strong DeckTM has a unique interlocking design which also provides added strength. While traditional deck designs rely on the strength of each individual plank, Ever Strong DeckTM interlocking design reinforces the surface by locking all the individual components into a single unit. The result is a deck that is so strong, it’s tough enough to take it.

Ever Strong Deck 2Going Green To An Extreme
B&H Wholesale Fence is one of the largest producers of vinyl extrusions in the industry. We believe going green and great products can go hand in hand. While we engineer our profiles to maximize performance and value, we also keep in mind that we must do our part to help preserve the environment. That is why we capture our vinyl waste and recycle it into specific substrates, such as what is used in Ever Strong DeckTM. We shield our Ever Strong DeckTM with our extreme finish, ACCU-Shield®  is an advanced acrylic PVC blend specially designed to significantly reduce the damaging effects of the sun. This is particularly important in areas with ultraviolet exposure in hot, low-humidity climates. ACCU-Shield® could make it the perfect deck for any project in areas that experience these conditions, and if ACCU-Shield® can stand up to those extremes, just imagine how it can protect your Ever Strong Deck in less challenging climates. Simply put, there is no better protection for vinyl decking under the sun that ACCU-Shield®.

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Ever Strong Deck 3Safer & Virtually Free of Maintenance Deck boards used in a Ever Strong DeckTM are made from a proprietary blend of UV stabilized vinyl, making them virtually maintenance free. In fact, they’re remarkably easy to clean, since the joints can’t trap leaves, pine needles or other debris. They’re also safer since they can’t splinter like wood, and concealed fasteners mean there are no exposed screws or nails. Furthurmore, because vinyl transfers heat better than most materials, Ever Strong DeckTM stays cooler to the touch even on the hottest summer days.

Add A New Deck or Resurface An Old One

Ever Strong DeckTM has a low-profile plank design (1-1/4″) making it ideal for retrofitting existing wood decks. Each plank measures six inches wide – similar to wood – and comes in lengths of 16′, 20′ and 24 feet. It’s low profile and unique interlocking design make Ever Strong DeckTM one of the easiest and fastest decks on the market to install.

Ever Strong Deck 4A Lifetime of Beauty Perfect For Any Style Home

Ever Strong DeckTM by B&H Wholesale Fence will never rot, split or decay, and is impervious to insects and moisture. Every Ever Strong DeckTM is covered by one of the toughest warranties in the industry – a one lifetime, transferrable limited warranty* – making it the right choice for any homeowner.

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